Local Groups


There will be a meeting at the village hall on Tues Sept 21st at 7.30pm. Every one is welcome .

Contacts:- Barry Carter  email baz@jdcarterelectrical.co.uk   tel 01733 810 696
Roy Willianson email royjohnwilliamson@yahoo.co.uk  tel M 07886833997
Contact: Geoff Carter,  3, Seargeants Close, Newborough,     Tel 017332 810611 email geoffcarter611@msn.com


Meet on the first Tuesday of every month (except July and August)

Everyone always welcome


Newborough Carpet Bowls.

Meet every Monday from 2 to 4pm and every other Thursday (2 to 4pm) in the Village Hall. Annual membership is £2 and each session costs just £1.50 and includes tea/coffee and biscuits. For further information, please contact Anne Martin, Chair and Treasurer on 01733 810632.


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