Charity Tractor Road Run

Message from Newborough Young Farmers Club
The Charity Tractor Road Run for East Anglia Air Ambulance & YFC is taking place on the Sunday 15th May.
It starts at 11am from Willowbrook Farm Shop, Helpston Heath. We will be passing through a number of villages in convoy and hope to collect donations from the public along the route. Below is the timetable of when the convoys will be passing through the villages, we are aiming for 80 tractors this year to enter.
Village Timetable;
Ufford (11.15am), Bainton (11.25am),  Helpston (Maxey Rd) 11.40am, Maxey (12pm), Maxey roundabout (12.15pm), Market Deeping centre (12.30pm), Towngate (12.45pm), Maxey/Northborough roundabout (1pm), Northborough (1.05pm), Peakirk (1.20pm), Newborough The Bull (1.30pm), through Newborough/Milking Nook then back by The Decoy (1.50pm), Peakirk (1.55pm), Glinton (2.05pm), Helpston crossing (2.20pm), finish at Willowbrook Farm Shop (aiming for 2.45pm).
The East Anglian Air Ambulance is a superb charity to support who continue to work without any government funding. Over the past 4 years the Tractor Road Run has raised over £7500 for the EAAA.
 Kind Regards
Charles Parkinson
On behalf of Newborough Young Farmers Club



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