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History of Newborough Parish Council and Village Hall

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The first entries in any Newborough Parish Council record start on December 14 1894 and the meeting was held in the School Room.
Very little was written in the records until an entry on 3 April 1947 which stated "This meeting was held later than usual on account of the flooding of the Fens". Crowland Bank had burst on March 21 flooding the surrounding fens.

Parish Councils

Parishes are the smallest areas of civil administration in England and provide the statutory tier of local government closest to the people. 

The Government introduced the Quality Parish and Town Council Scheme in 2003 with the aim of encouraging Councils, on behalf of their communities, to have a greater say in the running and improvement of local services.  Newborough Parish Council achieved Quality Status in July 2008. For further information concerning this please see the Parish Council page.

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Newborough Village Hall

Modern building only 8 years old

Newborough Village Hall
                                                                        Sun-Fri 6pm.           6pm Fri-Sat.
Affiliated Groups                                   £6.00hr                  £8.50hr
Regular Users*                                      £8.50hr                 £13.00hr
Private Hire                                           £12.50hr                £17.50hr
Childs Birthday Party (for 3hrs £27.50total                              £37.50 total
Meeting Room to seat approx 12-14.           Affiliated groups £3.50hr

Meeting Room for other users                                                £5.00hr
Returnable deposit to be paid with all bookings                 £75.00

All rates include use of kitchen, tables and chairs. Hall to be left tidy as found. Any damage caused to be reported to caretaker or chairman on completion of hire.

*Regular users are those to use the Hall on a weekly/monthly basis as agreed in advance.

To book the Hall please telephone the booking secretary on 07842906162.

Cheques to Newborough & Borough Fen Community Association.